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Upgrade Access

Old version of MS Access holding you back? We can help. 

Why upgrade and convert your DB to a newer version of Microsoft Access?

Security: You need up-to-date database software to deal with the changing landscape of security threats. Many older releases of MS Access are no longer supported by Microsoft and this means that there are no new security patches. This leaves you and your business vulnerable

Compatibility: Old versions of MS Access encounter major compatibility issues with newer versions of Windows and other offerings. It can be like trying to plug a Walkman into a USB port. 

Data Integrity: Older versions of Access are more prone to corruption. Reduce risks with an Access Upgrade.

Functionality: Access 2019 has a rich feature-set that is not available in previous versions. Whether you are looking to enhance reporting, utilize improved connectivity options or take advantage of new accessibility features, it is a good idea to upgrade. 

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Contact us and start upgrading your Access DB today.

Why should you go with AccessDBExperts for your Microsoft Access Upgrade? 

We are the best. With 25+ years of experience working with Microsoft Access, our team is unbeatable. We do dozens of Access Conversions every year which means we get it right the first time and you don't need to pay for extra hours while we figure things out. We have onshore programmers available during your business hours. We offer free quotes and consultations. Our hourly rates start as low as $50/hr. We provide fixed rate quotes and hourly rates depending on what you need. We have a large and talented team. We'll provide you with a timeline before you say go. We'll deliver an incredible solution, on time, on budget and ready to enable your team.

What is our process? 

As soon as you contact us, we get back to you fast. We provide a free consultation so that we fully understand your version upgrade needs and then provide a free quote for your approval. From there we unleash our team of Access programmers who will work hard to ensure your access program is converted correctly and quickly. We update everything including User Level Security, the underlying VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code, and back-end connectivity (for example SQL Server). We do our own tests before we hand it over to you. Then you test the application and we fix anything that doesn't work. Once you are happy with the program, we are available to support you and make sure you stay happy. It's really that simple. 

What versions of MS Access can we upgrade?

We will upgrade any version of Microsoft Access database application. We will get you to the most current version (MS Access 2019) quickly. We will upgrade Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2002, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013, Access 2016 and any other release you may have. We can also help with updating or integrating versions of SQL Server and other applications. Just ask!

What now?

Contact us for a Free Consultation and we will start working on your Microsoft Access Upgrade today.
  • Free quote for your project

  • Same day response

  • Rates as low as $50/hr

  • Onshore Development

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