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Free Consultation and Quotes

Access DB Experts provides free consultations to discuss your project in greater detail.  We also provide quotes free of charge.


Fixed Price

No Surprises! We will give you a fixed price.  You do not need to enter into an undefined hourly rate arrangement that can break your budget.


Low Cost

Access DB Experts has perfected low-cost/high value development practices.  We employ efficient workflows in design, development and quality control.


Onshore Development

Our team is made of highly skilled developers based in North America who are available when you are online.  We can discuss your needs and options in plain non-techy language and guide you to the best, most cost-effective solution.



Our fixed price quotes are based on extremely low rates:



Programming can often include tasks that are not particularly difficult but tend to be time-consuming.  We allocate all of these tasks to Jr. Programmers.  This helps keep your cost low without sacrificing quality. Jr. Programmers tend to focus on reports, easier forms, all formatting and optics and simpler change requests



Our Sr. Programmers usually have over ten years of experience with Access.  They do most of the complex and critical programming. Sr. Programmers tend to focus on initial relational database design, table structure, complex forms, VBA coding, more difficult change requests, quality control and testing.



Business Analysts speak your language and understand your business and operational needs. They devote the time and effort to get the big picture and the details.  Business Analysts tend to focus on communicating with your team, analysing your existing processes, forms and spreadsheets, creating a detailed functional specification that clearly defines your wish list and overseeing the whole project to ensure that it gets done on-time, on-spec and on-budget.



Expert Access Developers usually have over twenty years of experience with Access.  They are wizards in all things Access. Our experts have helped hundreds of customers fix and modify their existing programs.  They can dive right into an older, complex program, understand it quickly and make the changes you need.



Elite VBA Developers are reserved for only the most complex problems.  These usually involve programs with a lot of complex VBA code.  The code may be complex because it uses outdated Active X or third party controls, integrates with other programs or is just large and clunky.  Elite VBA Developers are code junkies who can quickly identify and solve your problem. Their hourly rate is a little higher, but they solve difficult problems ten times faster.

What now?

Contact us for a Free Consultation and we will provide you with an affordable solution to meet your needs.
  • Free quote for your project

  • Same day response

  • Rates as low as $50/hr

  • Onshore Development

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