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Accounting Integration
No double entry! We can share data with your accounting program for more efficient order, invoice and PO processing. Most accounting programs can share data by ODBC or import/export.
Accounts Receivable
Invoicing and collections can be part of your ERP or order processing program. Or invoice information can be generated in our custom program and sent to your accounting program.
Automated Emails
Generating emails automatically is a great way to keep your customers informed about their orders and your staff alerted to their scheduled tasks. One click emails PDF or Excel reports.
Automated Forms
Your database can save countless hours by producing those forms that you routinely need to fill out. This is much faster and more accurate than cut and paste.
Barcode technology is very affordable and easy to use with your database program. It works especially well with shipping, receiving and inventory management.
If your database contains your orders and salespeople, generating commission reports is very easy. Complex commission structures are much easier to support in an automated database.
We design Customer Relationship Management applications tailored to your company. Our CRM contains all the things that are important to you and none of the things that are irrelevant.
Direct Marketing
DM campaigns require a program that is customized for your company. These let you segment, target and evaluate precisely by integrating with your CRM and actual sales data.
Document Management
The Document Management application helps you organize and share all your essential documents. All documents can be viewed and opened from the master record.
Our ERP programs are custom designed for you. They do not complicate, they simplify. We do not force you to pay for things you do not need. Only what you need at a price you can afford.
Excel Integration
All of our programs let you export anything and everything into Excel. We can link to your existing live Excel worksheets. We can automatically create the spreadsheets you need.
These can be standalone or integrated with purchasing, receiving, shipping and barcodes. Unlike most accounting programs, our Inventory programs let you track REAL inventory.
This can be standalone, part of a larger integrated program or a push from your database to your accounting program. Invoices can easily be auto-emailed as PDF's at a click of a button.
List Management
Database programs make it easier to maintain critical lists. List management programs can be integrated with a web-based portal that allows users to update as necessary.
We've worked with hundreds of manufacturers on MRP applications. We've developed best practices for common modules and totally customized features to meet each client's unique needs.
Order Tracking
We've created hundreds of order tracking programs and we've developed best practices that ensure that orders move efficiently from quote to fulfillment to billing.
Payroll is usually part of your accounting program. We also integrate it with time and labor tracking features. Accommodates subcontractors, freelancers and other non-salary workers.
Production systems automate specifications, increase efficiency, and track material and labor costs. They provide staff with the specs they need and managers with the tracking they need.
With Optimal Purchasing you'll buy the best quantity, at the best price, from the best supplier, to meet your well forecasted demand. Purchase specifically to fill customer orders or BoM.
QuickBooks Integration
Say no to double entry! We can push your sales orders and your purchase orders into QuickBooks. We can also expand on your QuickBooks functionality with powerful database add-ons.
We can bring your quoting spreadsheet into your orders program. This lets you: turn your quote into an order; use it for bill of materials; and compare estimated costs to actual costs.
Good scheduling lets you see all of your commitments; reallocate your staff and resources; and alert you to problems before they occur. It helps managers make the best decisions.
Service tracking
Service tracking helps you schedule and prepare for your service calls. It can also be accessed by tablet/mobile device to record the onsite details of the service call.
Shipping programs produce all the necessary shipping (and customs) paper and integrate with your courier software. They also email clients confirmations to help them track their shipment.
SQL Server
We also design powerful SQL Server databases. These outperform Access if you have many users, large files or web-based applications. We can scale up your Access database to SQL Server.
Time Tracking
We try to keep time tracking simple. Staff has a few quick clicks (or barcode scans) and your managers still get detailed reports. You get real data on costs and productivity.
Web Applications
We build powerful cloud-based databases using SQL Server and .NET technology. You can use your database on your tablet, laptop, PC or phone from anywhere with an internet connection.

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