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Access DB Experts has been focused on Access services exclusively since 1994.  It's all that we do, and we are the industry leader.  We’ve programmed hundreds of applications from scratch. We've encountered and solved any issue you can imagine.  Access DB Experts has developed its own rigorous and systematic development process.  It helps us keep development costs low while delivering powerful, easy to use programs that are customized to your needs.  We are committed to taking the time to truly understand your needs, designing the best solutions and delivering superior programs quickly and affordably.

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Modify (fix) my existing database

In the past 24 years, Access DB Experts has led hundreds of application takeovers.  Taking over someone else’s program and revising their code can be difficult.  There is a good way to do this and many bad ways.  We avoid common pitfalls and get the job done right. Make your life easier and hire an expert. 

Application Development (make me a database program)

Access DB Experts build incredibly powerful, yet low cost applications using Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Off the shelf, packaged applications are not designed with your specific business needs in mind. We build custom made applications from scratch using your specifications. They are designed from your existing forms, spreadsheets and processes. Therefore, they are easy to learn, automated to your specific needs and easily modified and expanded, as you desire. You need a program that is as unique as your business.

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Data Migration (move my existing data into the new program)

Customers are often concerned about getting their existing data into the new program. Manual data entry can take hundreds of hours. Don't worry. We've got you covered. We have loads of experience tailoring spreadsheet data or mapping fields from your old legacy program. The key is to be very organized, systematic and meticulous. And most importantly, to communicate with you to ensure we totally understand your data and your priorities.

Upgrade your Version of Access

Upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Access to improve security, compatibility, data integrity and functionality. Our team of programmers regularly help clients upgrade their MS Access version. Our upgrade services are fast and affordable. Let us help you ensure that your technology can keep up with the needs of your business.

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Cloud Databases (Remote Access)

The cloud offers the opportunity for clients to access data and application features outside of the office. This can provide staff with the ability to work from home and managers the ability to view their data from anywhere including mobile. Start moving into the cloud today and access your data anywhere

Migration from Excel to Access

Often, managers or other power users develop applications in Excel. Spreadsheets are fabulous tools for analyzing and manipulating small amounts of data. However, they can become large and cumbersome and hard to modify. Information is often saved in many unrelated files. At this point, it is time to move to an MS Access Database. Databases provide many advantages over spreadsheets. All the data is related, so it can be presented in any type of report. Automation makes data entry easier and more fool proof. Data can easily be shared between programs. You can import it directly from your accounting system and merge it into word documents. The same data can be accessed and updated simultaneously by many users. Finally, migrating from Excel to Access tends to be easier and cheaper than developing a custom program from scratch. You can start your journey from Excel to Access today.

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Migration from Access to SQL Server

If you've developed a prototype application using MS Access or have a decent working program in Access that simply requires better speed or improved user interface, we can upgrade your application to the more powerful SQL Server language.

QuickBooks Integration with Access

We can eliminate double entry. Clients often want their orders to be pushed into QuickBooks or to have their Quickbooks data pushed into Access. We are experts at this type of integration. QuickBooks has been around since the early 80’s and we’ve been integrating with Access databases since the early 90’s.  We understand how to smoothly integrate these systems and save you time.

Analysing Data

What now?

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